Setting up UPS Ready for Shipping

The elevator pitch

As a Bigcommerce store owner. I want to connect my UPS Ready account so I can let my customers choose UPS as a shipping option when they buy from me.


My role

  • Wireframes
  • Rapid prototypes
  • Visual design


When we started working on this, there was nobody left at the company who even knew what this part of the control panel did. The original workflow had been built without any UX or design involvement and was plagued by opaque and confusing UI, incorrectly labeled screens, bugs and inconsistencies. We had to do some 'technical archaeology' - there was a lot of digging into the code trying to interpret it, a lot of time speaking with UPS and research the UPS APIs, a lot of research time getting to understand the requirements and technical limitations. 

I carried out an audit of the existing workflow to clarify any usability issues. We were asking users to enter a lot of information, without giving them an informative reason as to why. There were confusing forms asking users to add and validate existing UPS accounts, confusingly marked as optional. The visual hierarchy didn't align with the informational hierarchy (why is the first thing I'm reading here the UPS Shield trademark text?) And the window itself was mislabeled as the "UPS Developer Kit License and Registration Wizard". 

So there were a lot of issues to fix. Working closely with engineers, UPS, and the project manager, I simplified the workflow down into something much simpler.

First I broke the large form up into 'bite-size' screens, to could gather information from users in an order that felt much more intuitive.


I realised that if a user was logged in, we'd be able to autofill many of these details. So I reworded it so the UI was asking the user to confirm their details.


We used the UPS API to work out which users should see the parts of the form previously labeled 'Optional', and only displayed the following screen to those to whom it was relevant.



This project, as with many control panel projects, also affected different sections of the application. We spent time auditing and improving pages in Settings and Shipment manager too.