I've had the pleasure of doing some illustrations both for work and for fun. Here's some of my favourites.


Microphones with personality! These were loosely based around popular uses dor each type of mic - the more affordable studio mic is an electronic producer (can we call Skrillex that?). The live mic is a rock star and the classic studio mic is a classic old rocker. And the videomic is a puppy, because why not?


Robo-moticons, created for We went through a few iterations of these - our early faces were Lego heads, which we had to change as soon as legal saw them. Then we experimented with diverse faces with different skin and hair colours - but found it was a minefield choosing which to put in the happy/meh/sad columns without offending anyone. We ended up going with robots - genderless, raceless and hopefully imbued with no meaning other than cuteness. 


Custom typography for a ‎RØDE Microphones t-shirt. 


An infographic for Wise Jewellery, helping shoppers to purchase the right size ring or bracelet online. 


A series of microphone illustrations that were used in the email experience of a RODE Microphones customer. Especially in the process of having a microphone sent back for repair, we wanted to inject a little delight into the experience and reassure the customer that their (often expensive) microphone was being looked after.