I worked at Internetrix, a website development company in Wollongong straight out of uni in 2011. My role was about half UX/UI design (sitemaps, wireframes, interfaces) and half front-end web development (writing HTML/CSS web pages and making copy changes in a CMS). Being able to code has been an incredibly useful skill in every job since. 

I'm including some of my earliest web designs here for the lols. All the textures! These were the days of 4px square tiled image backgrounds and needing to export images for rounded corners. The dark days before Sketch and flat design. The days when a notes app looked like a ring-bound notebook. May those dark days never return. 


☠️ Warning! Here be dragons! ☠️


Hey remember how ugly 2011 was? I worked on a redesign of the Internetrix company website. Also coded a fair bit the front end. 



I don't totally hate the visuals of this one. 3 Mates, 7 Seas was a documentary made by 3 mates, who travelled to... 7 seas. This was a site to help you navigate their blog. Let's not talk about how weird it is to navigate a blog using a world map though. 




Who needs white space anyway? I was so proud of this design. Look at that paper texture, god damn it. My brother said it was 'a bit templatey'.