iXY Microphone - Branding, website & packaging

Elevator pitch

The pocket-sized iXY microphone attaches to an iPhone or iPad, letting you record professional-quality stereo audio directly to your device. It's sold in Apple stores around the world.


My role

I designed the paper packaging, a Quick Start manual, an award-winning responsive microsite (UX/UI), and various associated marketing materials, posters and ads.




As it's sold to an exclusively Apple market, the iXY packaging needed to look premium and fit in alongside shiny iPhones and glossy iMacs. The great thing about the iXY is how simple it is to use, so we highlighted that with fun illustrated instructions on the inside flap - the first thing the customer sees when they open the package.



I also designed a responsive microsite for this product. It was structured around photographic content and included lots of audio clips and video, allowing the product to speak for itself. This site was awarded Gold in the 2013 Horizon Interactive Awards (Consumer Information Website)