Technical diagrams and manuals


The elevator pitch

RODE Microphones products reach a huge audience in hundreds of countries around the world. A key element of the customer experience is providing manuals that make it easy for anyone to set up and use the product. I created easy-to-follow diagrams and step-by-step visual instructions, for people all around the world to use. 


My role

I learned how the products worked, then I came up with step-by-step imagery to explain how to carry out the task. I drew the diagrams in Illustrator. I also laid out the multi-lingual manuals. 

These projects have an interesting correlation with more traditional digital-based user experience, as many of the same steps are involved - discovering what user goals are, finding out how users carry out tasks, streamlining the easiest way for them to get to their goals, and explaining it to them in the simplest way possible.