Hola, it's Nicola! 


Senior product designer at Pivotal Labs + Tech Talks + Postfacto (ask me about retros!).

I often write about design and research.

Also tweeting, dribbbling, and linking up. Say hi!



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The Short story...

Nowadays I'm working with Pivotal Labs as a product designer, aka empathiser-in-chief. I pair with clients to teach and enable them to take a user-centred design, balanced team, extreme programming process back to their own teams.

I'm also loving speaking about design, at events including Code Creators, Sydney UI/UX and the Sydney Web Directions Summit 2017.

What I like most about my work is being able to jump in the deep end on a totally new challenge and learn about peoples' lives - then create something useful for them. Isn't that all any creative person wants? 

Want the long story?



Selected Publications



Design consulting - workshops - teaching research best practises - helping you to know what to do next.