Hi, I'm Nicola. 


I'm a full-stack product designer, creative generalist and community-builder.


Day to day I'm a senior product designer at Pivotal Labs, organise two groups, Tech Talks and Sydney Designers, and on the side design Postfacto (ask me about retros!).

I publish thoughts about design, research and travel on Medium.

You can also connect with me on Twitter, Dribbble, or Linked In.





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The long story...


I started my design career in magazines - specifically the mad and beautiful Tertangala, UoW student magazine. For two years, during my creative arts degree, I spent many long unpaid hours in the Tertangala office frantically laying out 52+ pages every issue. This really put a dent in my 10,000 hours. 

I landed an internship then a job at a website development company in Wollongong, where I learnt how to design and build a website from scratch. My front-end dev skills were honed in an already-old PHP-based CMS, building HTML emails optimised for Outlook, and writing CSS in the days of 4px² repeating images for textured backgrounds (praise you, flat design). 

Soon enough I moved to Sydney and got myself a sweet music industry job at RØDE Microphones, first as graphic designer and then as digital designer, owning all digital projects. As well as designing an award-winning microsite and leading a large-scale website redesign, I got to work on packaging, illustrations, technical diagrams, apparel, posters and marketing.

After a couple of years, I decided to move fully into the digital side of design, and began as a product designer at Australian e-commerce tech company Bigcommerce. I worked on a pattern lab, a redesign of the control panel, storefront themes, and got my teeth into some fun UX design projects.

I did a short stint contracting before taking six months to travel and walking 900km across northern Spain on el camino de Santiago, a medieval pilgrimage to Finisterre, the (not quite) westernmost point of the Iberian peninsula.

Nowadays I'm working with Pivotal Labs as a product designer, aka empathiser-in-chief. I pair with clients to teach and enable them to take a user-centred design, balanced team, extreme programming process back to their own teams.

As a beach project, me and a team put together Postfacto, an app for remote teams to run retros. We have 1000+ weekly users and growing. I co-ordinate the Tech Talks @ Pivotal Labs meetup group, which grew from 0 to 2500 members in one year. I'm also driving the Sydney Diversity and Inclusion grassroots efforts, to drive conversations and mindfulness for a workplace where everyone belongs.

What I like most about my work is being able to jump in the deep end of a totally new challenge and learn about different peoples' lives - then create something useful for them. And isn't that all any creative person wants? 


Got me in mind for something? Shoot me a line on LinkedIn.